Controlled Demolition 2.0, Part 8: “Dark Halo” Cyber Attack, a Test Run for the Coming Planned “Cyber Pandemic”

By sheer coincidence (hint: nothing is coincidence in 2020) – as the scriptwriters found out that the big mainstream media brands, including the New York Times and CNN, didn’t buy the CCP database story – they already had a story ready for the next day, December 14, about an alleged Russian cyber attack.

Welcome to the 2021 Hyper Normalization Society

Many of the things we warned about last year have already come true and we’re only 10 days into the new year.

ERBN Financial Statement December 10, 2020 to January 9, 2021

Between December 10, 2020 and January 9, 2021 we have not received any donations. As a result, some of our volunteers have terminated their cooperation with ERBN.

Aleph Institute, Affiliated with Chabad Lubavitch, Played Outsized Role in Trump’s Pardons and Commutations

Philip Esformes was charged in a $1.3 billion health care fraud case.

‘Nashville Christmas Bomber’ Was a Patsy, 2 Separate Explosions Were Triggered at the Same Time

The holes in the wall of AT&T’s building and the sidewalk in front of it couldn’t have been caused by the RV because this specific part of the AT&T building is right in front of 170 2nd Avenue. Not in front of 166 2nd Avenue.

Nashville Bomber Was “Anti-5G Conspiracy Theorist,” Mainstream Media Claims

A conspiracy theorist who attacked the AT&T building at 2nd Avenue because it was being used to spy on the public using 5G technology.

Nashville Bombing: RV Pictured in CCTV Image is Not the Same One at Alleged Suspect’s House

The motor home pictured in the CCTV image is a 1998 Ford Four Winds Chateau, allegedly owned by Anthony Quinn Warner who the press claims is a person of interest.

Nashville Explosion Caught on Tape (Second Angle)

Something happened seconds before the explosion. Watch the video and the screen shots. A stream or plume can be seen at the location of the AT&T bombing.

Nashville Christmas Bombing: One Explosion Came from Inside/Under AT&T Building

That means explosives were placed inside the building before the RV even arrived.

Nashville Christmas Bombing (Updated)

The initial broadcast was not the voice recording that would warn about an  imminent explosion, it was a recording of gunfire.

The World Health Organization is Giving False Medical Advice About Herd Immunity and Vaccines

It is completely unacceptable, and even dangerous in this case, that the World Health Organization (WHO) deliberately misleads the public about “herd immunity” and vaccines.