#OccupyPfizer: IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED to Interrupt Production and Distribution of Potentially Dangerous ‘COVID-19’ Vaccine


By Free People Foundation

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The Vaccines

Currently, Pfizer is producing its so-called ‘COVID-19’ vaccine in two of its main production facilities. The one in Puurs, Antwerp, Belgium and the other one in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. Pfizer aims to produce 1.3 billion doses of this vaccine.

Yesterday, ERBN.online published an article about Pfizer in which the news service cites a New York Times article from September 22, 2020 discussing how also Pfizer’s ‘COVID’ vaccine is not being tested for reducing serious illnesses and deaths associated with ‘COVID-19.’ Additionally, Pfizer’s vaccine causes flu-like and COVID-19-like symptoms instead of reducing such symptoms.

The ERBN article also included excerpts from other mainstream news outlets that talk about Pfizer’s past, including how Pfizer was found guilty in Nigeria for illegally experimenting with its Trovan antibiotic, in 1996, on hundreds of children of which “eleven children died and others were blinded, paralysed or brain-damaged,” according to the excerpt from the BBC.

It must also be stated that Pfizer’s ‘COVID’ vaccine is not being tested for its long-term (side) effects, since the vaccine has been rushed through in under a year. A ‘decent’ vaccine requires around 10 years, from initial studies and experiments to the actual manufacturing.

With this vaccine being rushed through and now being manufactured, Pfizer, the Belgian government and the US government are enabling the biggest medical experiment in human history whereby no one can tell what the outcome will be.

Lives are at stake, potentially hundreds of millions of lives, because Pfizer’s ‘COVID’ vaccine has not been properly tested and should therefore not be allowed to be administered to anyone without FIRST properly informing everyone about the potential dangers (and deaths) associated with receiving Pfizer’s vaccine.


We can not allow this global medical experiment to continue. We can not allow people being injected with Pfizer’s so-called ‘COVID-19’ vaccine without everyone knowing that it is 100% safe and without everyone knowing what the long-term (side) effects are of this vaccine.

Today, the FPF calls on EVERYONE to join our international campaign #OccupyPfizer.

Together we MUST now go to Pfizer’s manufacturing facilities in Kalamazoo, Michigan and Puurs, Antwerp. We MUST occupy their loading docks, parking lots and facilities to stop the production and distribution of Pfizer’s ‘COVID-19’ vaccine.

The vials, containers and custom-made cases MUST NOT LEAVE the Kalamazoo and Puurs premises!

Go to Kalamazoo, Michigan and Puurs, Antwerp right now! Gather all your fellow activists, bloggers, friends and family members and STOP Pfizer!


Pfizer’s Kalamazoo Address:

7000 Portage Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49001, United States

Google maps:



Pfizer’s Puurs Address:

Rijksweg 12, 2870 Puurs, Belgium

Google maps:


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