About ERBN

“Great Reset”

Free societies and their people individually, in every country, are under attack by the World Economic Forum, the United Nations System, the Bank for International Settlements, the World Trade Organization, the European Union, the Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Open Society Foundations and many other globalist organizations and ‘think tanks’.

Since all these organizations collectively declared the COVID-19 “pandemic” in March 2020, people’s rights and freedoms are being taken away at an alarming rate. People’s human rights, legal rights and medical rights are being brutally trampled by governments, as politicians, political parties and the mainstream media refuse to defend those rights.

Collectively, they are pushing forward the World Economic Forum’s communitarian “Great Reset” agenda that is meant to usher in a 4th industrial revolution. A ‘revolution’ that will see all democratic, omnicratic, republican and libertarian societies disappear and turned into communitarian tyrannies, should this agenda ever be fully achieved.

Emergency Reports and Broadcasts Network (ERBN)

With free societies and their people under attack by a de facto world government and its overt and covert factions, through a new form of highly advanced information warfare, extremely hostile psychological operations and a very dangerous global medical tyranny, populations and citizens individually are searching for trustworthy information and above all sanity.

At ERBN we dedicate our lives to providing the world population with multilingual uncensored information, timely updates and daily reports because we believe that only well-informed citizens can take back and enforce their rights and freedoms.

Citizens have to find out that their neighborhoods, cities and countries are being attacked in ways that they likely never anticipated. It is ERBN’s mission and duty to inform the public at large about these attacks and to present solutions that can stop the tyranny and restore the free world.

If it wasn’t for ERBN and the many other rebel outposts worldwide, the free world would already have fallen into full submission to the architects and social engineers of a fast emerging prison planet.

ERBN was created on November 9, 2020 by Koen I.G. Jacobs who has been working as a freelance investigator in Belgium since 2011. Mr Jacobs was born in Ghent, Belgium and is also the founder of the Free People Foundation.

The ERBN website is operated by Mr Jacobs, who also is the Chief Editor and main website administrator, with the help of friends and volunteers.