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83 Deaths Reported Among People Who Received Flu Vaccine (October 2020)

The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) said Saturday that a total of 83 people, most of them elderly, had died after being administered with a seasonal flu vaccine.

Central Bank of Uzbekistan Issues Gold Currency… Mainstream Media Silent

Their silence proves once again how controlled the entire mainstream media is in the West. This story about a gold currency literally proves that all by itself.

CNN Supportive of Chinese Government Guideline to Wear DISPOSABLE DIAPERS to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infections on Airplanes

Folks, they are literally laughing in our faces, rubbing the BS in as they sit back and enjoy their manufactured “pandemic.” They really want you to feel like a helpless infant and it gets worse by the minute.

Also for Japan a Great Reset is Planned, According to Toshimitsu Motegi, Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs

If the Japanese people would somehow find the courage to reject the “Great Reset,” the country can become the target in a new such attack. This attack may very well be the announced “cyber pandemic” that Klaus Schwab and many others have been mentioning…

Communist Chinese “Skynet” is Why the Government Could Brutally Impose “Lockdowns” in the Country

ERBN – “Skynet” is actually the real name of the Chinese communist party’s nationwide video surveillance control grid. Skynet, which also includes “manual intelligence and…

Japanese Bank Plans to Sell Customer Information to Third Parties

Mizuho Financial Group will start selling information on consumers’ spending habits and other aggregated data in a bid to expand beyond the traditional lending business. “We are going to offer a data service for corporate clients,” Koji Fujiwara, chief executive of Mizuho’s main banking unit, said. The move would be the first of its kind by a Japanese bank, he said. “We have a vast amount of data, such as accounts, transactions and lending information.”

Where’s the “Pandemic”? “Rapid Covid-19 Testing in Singapore Yet to Pick Up Any Positive Cases”

The antigen rapid tests give results within half an hour, enabling the quick detection of cases, and allowing for people who are positive to be isolated.

Hong Kong Opposition to Quit as China Moves to Quash Dissent

“This move makes it clear that dictatorship has descended onto Hong Kong and that Chinese Communist Party can eradicate all opposing voices in the legislature,” Mr Cheung said. “There’s no more separation of powers, no more ‘one country, two systems’, and therefore no more Hong Kong as we know it.”

Thailand: How the US Supports “Penguin” & the Student Mobs

We were told that Thailand’s anti-government protests were “self-organized” by “students.” Yet these “students” appear to be regular guests at the same embassies funding anti-government organizations across Thailand as well as supporting the billionaire-led opposition parties of Pheu Thai and Future Forward/Move Forward.