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Australian COVID-19 Vaccine Terminated Due to False ‘HIV’ Positives

Question: What is the the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, doing in any COVID-19 vaccine anyway?

¢12 Drug Ivermectin Cures COVID-19 in Days

Australian researchers tout new ‘wonder drug’

Coal Wars: Australian Coal Flotilla Stuck Off the Chinese Coast Tops 80 Ships

Victorian timber was added earlier in November to a list of ­industries banned by China, which includes wine, barley, beef, wheat, lobsters, cotton. Sugar and copper are cited by state media as the next targets in the extraordinary campaign by Australia’s biggest customer.

Australian Woman Thanks Police for NOT Allowing Her Husband to Walk the Dog During COVID Lockdown

The toxic COVID propaganda has done too much damage already and many may mentally never recover from it. We MUST END this insanity immediately because we now have reached a stage where people have become fascist communitarians who would even rat on their own family members and friends.

Is this the BEST Mainstream News Broadcast Ever? ‘Sky News Australia’ Host Exposes World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”

For over 10 minutes, Rowan Dean, a host at Sky News Australia, railed against the “great deception”, referring to the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” agenda. Dean exposed in a, for the mainstream media, epic rant what the “Great Reset” really is about.

Australian Parliament to Probe Murdoch Media Dominance

The Australian arm of the New York-headquartered company is the country’s largest media organisation, owning papers in nearly every major city as well as cable television networks and magazines. “Australians have become increasingly concerned about the concentration of media ownership and the power and political influence of Murdoch.”

Pedophile Ring Busted in Australia: “Operation Arkstone Results in 828 Charges Laid with 46 Child Victims Identified” – AFP

The alleged offenders are accused of producing and/or sharing child abuse material to an online network of Australian and overseas peers. AFP investigators have worked tirelessly with their counterparts in New South Wales Police, Queensland Police Service, Western Australia Police, and U.S. Homeland Security Investigation to identify the alleged offenders involved.

Australian Senator Pauline Hanson Urges Government to Reject the “Great Reset”

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has warned of devastating consequences if Australia adopts the World Economic Forum’s plans for a “great reset” across the globe. The World Economic Forum is urging a “revamp of all aspects of our societies and economies” in response to the Covid-19 recession in the areas of education, social contracts and working conditions.

Free People Foundation Supports “Cops for Covid Truth” as the Australian Mainstream Media Campaigns Against the Initiative

The launch of Cops for Covid Truth started with an open letter to Michael Fuller, Police Commissioner of New South Wales.