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Spain: Marching with Policias por la Libertad (Police for Freedom)

An amazing movement is growing in Spain as police come together to blow the whistle on the systemic human rights abuses during the tyrannical “lockdowns” imposed by governments.

December 11, 2020: The Vatican’s Nativity Scene Celebrates the Death Cult

2020 truly is the year of hypocrites, satanists, communitarian creatures and their gullible minions. May everyone find strength in 2021 to exterminate this evil once and for all.

In Austria, COLA Tests Positive for SARS-CoV-2

An Austrian lawmaker tested a glass of cola for SARS-CoV-2 during a fiery speech, accusing the government of medical tyranny and denouncing government health ‘dictatorship’

NHS England: Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine When You Have Allergies

The warning comes after 2 healthcare workers complained about adverse reactions after receiving the novel vaccine.

Tradewinds Travel, a UK Tour Operator, is Boycotting Australian Qantas Airlines for It’s COVID Vaccine Policy

“We feel that bodily autonomy with regard to medical intervention is a personal choice and not something to be forced onto people by businesses. We are not anti-vaccination but we are pro-choice. There is a huge difference between coercion and making a free choice.”

Car Hit Gate of Angela Merkel’s Chancellery: “You Damned Murderers of Children and Old People”

The driver was detained. The car, a Volkswagen, had the slogan “You damned murderers of children and old people” scrawled in white paint on one side. On the other side it said “Stop the globalization policies.”

The Great Reset: British National Library Puts George Orwell on List of Shame

Folks, this is yet another piece of evidence that the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” has nothing to do with stopping any “pandemic.” It’s not a coincidence that this decision was made this year, just days ago. It’s ALL connected.

LORD SUMPTION: Our Lives Belong to Us, Not the State. It’s Morally Wrong for Government Control Freaks to Tell Us What We Can do at Christmas

The debate about whether to let us have a family Christmas perfectly sums up what is wrong with this Government’s handling of Covid-19.

Dominion/Scytl Scandal: Swiss Post Has Had Scytl’s Source Code Since at Least January 2019

Question: What are the implications when almost anyone could have had access to the source code of Scytl’s e-voting software?

Finland’s Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, Wants More Globalist Integration to Neutralize Grassroots Uprisings

Speaking with the Financial Times, Marin predicted that draconian restrictions “will cause protests more and more, and it’s a breeding ground for populist movements across Europe.”