Portugal: Lisbon Court of Appeal Rules that Health Authorities Have No “Power or Legitimacy to Deprive Anyone of Their Freedom”; Doubts Reliability of PCR Tests

Publico, a Portuguese mainstream news paper, has confirmed that the Lisbon Court of Appeal has in fact ruled that the detaining of anyone by health authorities is illegal in Portugal. The ruling came after 4 German tourists were forced to stay in their hotel rooms upon arrival in the country in August, because allegedly 1 of the tourists tested positive for COVID-19.

Australian Woman Thanks Police for NOT Allowing Her Husband to Walk the Dog During COVID Lockdown

The toxic COVID propaganda has done too much damage already and many may mentally never recover from it. We MUST END this insanity immediately because we now have reached a stage where people have become fascist communitarians who would even rat on their own family members and friends.

Pierre Poilievre, Canadian MP, Launches Petition to Stop the “Great Reset”, As New York Times Calls it a “Baseless Conspiracy Theory”

Because “Great Reset” was trending on Twitter on Tuesday, following Trudeau’s statement, the New York Times went full damage-control mode by smearing everyone believing that the “Great Reset” is an actual conspiracy to consolidate power into fewer hands, as “far-right” conspiracy theorists.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg Trying to Weasel His Way Around Censorship Questions on C-SPAN

Senator Josh Hawley GRILLED Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg during Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee after a Facebook whistleblower came out with evidence about Facebook’s internal censorship policies and tools.

Tucker Carlson: The Elites [and Justin Trudeau] Want COVID-19 Lockdowns to Usher in a ‘Great Reset’ and that Should Terrify You


Is Now the Time to “Do What We’re Told”?

“Apparently our ‘independent spirit’ here in America has ‘gotten in the way’. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Well I don’t. And I never will”

Will Donald Trump Turn on Netanyahu?

The time for the US Constitution is running out. Who will defend it?

Hidden Power and Influence: Kay Griggs Interview (1998)

Katherine was married to Marine Corps Colonel George Griggs in the late 1980s, who raised to an influential position as Chief of Staff.

Rats in the Ranks: Underground Analysis of the “Great Reset” (3-Part Video Series)

The following is a 3-part video presentation by Brendon O’Connell. Brendon goes far behind the headlines and explains what is coming our way in the event the Resistance is unable to uproot the death cult that is brutally imposing the communitarian 4th industrial revolution.

UK Gov.’s Department of Health Expects “High Volume of Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction” Reports

Clearly, the government in the UK is very much aware of the fact that the ‘COVID-19’ vaccines will cause a massive number of adverse reactions in people who are going to get vaccinated with these novel and largely untested vaccines.