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“The End of China’s Rise” – Amitai Etzioni

Aside from its global supply chains. Is China only a paper tiger, militarily? The lines that used separate reality from fiction have completely disappeared, indeed.

Statement by Senior Pentagon Advisor Proves that the Coming “Cyber Pandemic” is a Controlled Demolition 2.0 Operation

“There will be a plethora of malevolent attacks in 2025” – Lewis Shepherd, senior Pentagon advisor

Current Media Frenzy in the US is All About Whitewashing of Israeli Government Involvement and Crimes

When you see a media outlet promoting a toxic pro-Israel narrative then you already know that that outlet will never be of any help to you with uncovering and exterminating Netanyahu’s death cult in the US and around the world.

Additional Statement on Patrick Bergy’s Recent Revelations During Ann Vandersteel’s Interview

With Patrick Bergy stepping forward, also during Ann Vandersteel’s recent interview, we are finally getting to the point where we should have been a long time ago.

Ann Vandersteel Interview: Patrick Bergy Exposes Infowars and Alex Jones As Controlled Assets Being Used to Co-Opt Patriot Movements in the US

All of this ties into, but is just one level below, everything that we at ERBN have been reporting about concerning the 2020 election fraud in the US, the “Great Reset”, the Controlled Demolition 2.0 and Benjamin Netanyahu’s death cult.

December 11, 2020: The Vatican’s Nativity Scene Celebrates the Death Cult

2020 truly is the year of hypocrites, satanists, communitarian creatures and their gullible minions. May everyone find strength in 2021 to exterminate this evil once and for all.

Controlled Demolition 2.0, Part 8: “Dark Halo” Cyber Attack, a Test Run for the Coming Planned “Cyber Pandemic”

By sheer coincidence (hint: nothing is coincidence in 2020) – as the scriptwriters found out that the big mainstream media brands, including the New York Times and CNN, didn’t buy the CCP database story – they already had a story ready for the next day, December 14, about an alleged Russian cyber attack.

Meet the Author(s) of Sidney Powell’s Fraudulent “305th Military Intelligence” Affidavit

Even though many people will not like to read this reality that we are pointing out, we will certainly never apologize for presenting the truth to our friends, supporters and readers.